Society Policy


Edmonton Epicurean Society


We welcome you as a member of the Edmonton Epicurean Society. Our Society prides itself in having fun, enjoying food, wine and good company. Each member has a responsibility to ensure that this Society is one in which everyone feels welcome and is respected.
•  As an ambassador of the Edmonton Epicurean Society, you will do your utmost to promote a positive view of the Society and encourage new membership.
•  Concerns about the Society, how it is administered or how events are organized will be discussed with an Executive member or directed in writing to the Executive, who will then ensure that the concern is addressed properly.
•  Any form of disrespect regarding another member or guest will not be tolerated (e.g. gossip about member/guests, lewd remarks, raising your voice).

Members who feel that they cannot abide by these terms will regretfully be requested to resign from the Society. Their membership fees will be pro-rated and refunded.

The Executive recommends that when attending our events you, other members, and guests “pool” the use of a taxi or if using a private car, have a designated driver who will abstain from drinking and therefore not risk the violation of drinking and driving laws of Canada.